“Our Boys”

I have recently enjoyed a delightful afternoon with a descendant of one of “Our Boys” and feel immensely privileged to have been given access to family stories and anecdotes, resources and research, even family artefacts.

As we move towards the Armistice Commemoration and the “Our Boys” Exhibition (10th – 24th November) I am seeking any descendants of the fallen on the Cockshutt War Memorial.


Thomas Lloyd

Soldier of the Regular Army

22nd October 1914

Frank Harold Elwin

Gifted Science Student

12th March 1915

John Arthur Evans


15th September 1915

John Edmund Rogers

Farm Labourer & Fireman

16th August 1916

John Owen Clawley

Farm Worker

24th August 1916

James Donald

Civil Engineer

15th October 1916
William Stanley Marsh


10th October 1917

William Young


27th October 1917

Thomas Edward Townsend


4th December 1917

Willson Kenwick Nunnerley


5th December 1917

Robert Evans Stone

Farm Labourer

24th March 1918

Richard Henry Thomas


18th April 1918

George Gibson

Game Keeper & Chauffeur

31st May 1918

Ellis Humphreys


30th June 1918

George Hanmer

Farm Worker

30th August 1918

John Hanmer


23rd November 1918

Whether you wish to share family stories or resources, or simply wish to introduce yourself, I will be thrilled to meet you.

We Will Remember Them.

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  1. We will remember them! Good luck in your search Valerie. xxx

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