Peace Woodland

I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; for You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.  Psalm 4:8

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting Lichfield Cathedral.  Always magnificent, its beauty never fails to impress; once inside, tranquillity pervades the soul, inspiring quiet contemplation in prayer.

On this occasion, my intention was to walk through the temporary woodland placed in front of the Cathedral which, in this Centenary Year of the Great War Armistice, had been created from 1,918 trees scheduled for landfill.

The saplings have now been moved in readiness for their re-homing in Lichfield’s Beacon Park, the site for The Peace Woodland, where, in years to come, we will be able to celebrate new life, hopeful in the longed-for promise of peace.

As my sisters and I quietly come to terms with the recent passing of both Mum and Dad (Joan Ena and Alexander Pitt), we have decided to have their names inscribed onto a bronze plaque dedicated to peace; this will then be placed in the heart of the Peace Woodland.  Both parents lived through WW2, enduring fear, hardship and the call to duty; Dad served in the RAF, whilst Mum, on her return from evacuation, learned to live with nights spent in the Air Raid Shelter, and the chaos wrought by enemy bombing campaigns.

Two decades earlier, as the guns of WW1 fell silent on 11th November 1918, those who survived dearly hoped that it had indeed been “the war to end all wars”.  Sadly, the longed-for peace is just as elusive today as it was one hundred years ago, with global conflict continuing to inflict tremendous suffering.

As I join my sisters in planting some of the saplings, I will take the opportunity to quietly reflect upon the lives of Mum and Dad and pray, just as they did, that one day there will indeed be peace.

For more information on the Peace Woodland, and how to dedicate a name to peace, please follow the link:





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